INEOS Automotive appoints Mornie Robertson as a new HR Director

Mornie Robertson, former VP of HR at Tesla, is to head up the growing INEOS Automotive business’ HR division.

A world-class HR professional, Mornie will bring years of experience in the Automotive industry, including 8 years at Tesla, to Projekt Grenadier.

Mornie Robertson, new HR director of INEOS Automotive, said: This is a hugely exciting opportunity for me to help build the first big British car company in decades. I look forward to helping the business grow an exceptional and innovative international team to produce Projekt Grenadier’s world-class, uncompromising offroader.

INEOS Automotive has today announced that Mornie Robertson, formerly the Vice President of HR for Tesla Motors, has been appointed HR Director of INEOS Automotive. With an impressive background in HR within the Automotive sector, Mornie brings almost 20 years of HR experience to the growing business.

Mornie began her career at BMW as an HR Business Manager, where she worked for almost 10 years. After this, she worked briefly for Porsche as Group HR Manager before joining Tesla Motors in 2009. During her time at Tesla Motors, Mornie took on increasing levels of responsibility, taking on a global HR role in 2013, where she was responsible for all HR activity outside the United States. In her role as Vice President, Mornie provided strategic and tactical HR leadership and ongoing regional and global expansion.

Her appointment represents a significant step in the development of INEOS Automotive. With a diverse senior team in place, Mornie will be responsible for helping shape the business by taking charge of attracting and employing key talent from across the Automotive Industry.

Mornie Robertson, HR Director of INEOS Automotive said: “This is a very exciting opportunity for me and brings with it new and exciting challenges. I am looking forward to taking on a crucial role in creating the first British car company in decades.”

Dirk Heilmann, CEO of INEOS Automotive said: “Mornie is an outstanding HR Professional who holds extensive experience of Human Resources in the Automotive Industry. We have great confidence that she will bring great talent to the business. Mornie is the perfect choice to lead INEOS Automotive’s HR Division, as we continue to make progress on building our uncompromising off-roader.”

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