European Operations

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European Production – UK North Sea

The key focus for the UK business is to produce natural gas safely and reliably for the UK domestic market.  Key operated assets are Breagh and Clipper South. We also have a non-operated interest in the Greater Laggan Area (GLA) gas fields. A good example of a key UK project is the ‘Breagh Compression’; we’re investing in a compressor in order to increase production field life by using power from the grid. Each of our UK assets have some of the lowest carbon intensity production in the North Sea, we will still be able to make this statement post Breagh compression.

OUR Assets

European Production – Danish North Sea

The key focus for the Denmark business is to produce oil and gas safely, reliably and to reduce its carbon footprint through the pursuit of Carbon storage in depleted oil reservoirs.     
Key operated assets are the Siri and Syd Arne fields. Other active areas are Syd Arne production enhancement and Solsort and Hejre developments. Another key project for the Danish business is ‘Project Greensand’ a Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) project we are developing in the Nini reservoir (Siri Area).

Our Assets