INEOS Esters (& Oleochems)

Since the mid 2000’s the CEREPLAS™ range of esters has been developed and is now exclusively non o-phthalate specialty esters, enabling INEOS to create a unique market presence in plasticizers for the the flexible PVC and Rubber industries. CEREPLAS™ terephthalates, adipates, trimellitates and sebacates are used for the production of packaging films, automotive components and medical devices. Some specific grades are dedicated to the Lubricants industry. INEOS’ CEREPLAS™ esters customers hold various approvals and registrations at major OEMs operating in markets such as automotive and medical.

The products can be supplied worldwide by isotank, truck, drums and IBCs.

Markets Overview

Automotive: E.g. dashboards, mats and wiring

Construction: E.g. sealants, wall paper, hoses and roofing

Flooring: E.g. vinyl tiles, carpets and other flooring types

Food: E.g. cling film wraps

Household/General: E.g. furniture, white goods, mats and garden hoses

Lubricants: E.g. greases, metal cleaning, gear boxes or engines

Medical: E.g. blood bags and tubes

Toys: E.g. pool/bath toys

Wire & Cable: E.g. building and other wire/cables


Automotive DIDA, OTM, L8TM, L9TM, L810TM, DOS, DIDS
Construction OTM, L8TM, L9TM, L810TM, DOS, DIDS, RSME
Flooring DOA, 100XS
Food DOA, 100XS
Household/General DOA, OTM, L8TM, L9TM, L810TM, 100XS, RSME
Lubricants DIDA, DTDA, DOA, L9TM, RSME
Medical DOA, OTM, 100XS
Toys 100XS
Wire & Cable DOA, DIDA, OTM, L8TM, L810TM