CEREPLAS™ Adipates are used to bring enhanced low-temperature flexibility, low process viscosities, improve surface feel and texture and reduce surface resistivity. Food contact applications are a principal use (e.g. food cling wraps), but are also used in floorings. The higher molecular weight adipates such as DTDA are widely used in lubricants, particularly in biodegradable hydraulic oils.

CEREPLAS™ Trimellitates are high quality specialty plasticisers with low volatility, resistance to high temperature, high tensile strength, good electrical properties and processing ability. Whilst extensively used in high-temperature PVC cable insulation, their fogging performance makes them a natural choice in the automotive industry. They are also used in medical applications such as tubing.

CEREPLAS™ Sebacates are specialty plasticisers serving niche markets, for example as underground cable sheathing in arctic environments, and in automotive sealants.

CEREPLAS™ 100XS is a terephthalate ester, and an excellent general-purpose plasticiser with good heat stability and an alternative to the most common ortho-phthalate esters such as DOP and DINP.

Product Development: INEOS works with its customers to identify longer term product opportunities to meet market requirements, and has over the last few years been one of the first European esters producers to manufacture newer ester products such as 100XS, L9TM, L8TM and DIDS.

The following tables provide a detailed overview of the main technical parameters for the ester products, including specific formulation performance comparison amongst a range of plasticizer esters.

CEREPLAS™ ESTERS: Main End Markets

CEREPLAS™ ESTERS: Typical Physical Properties

CEREPLAS™ ESTERS: PVC Formulation Performance Comparison