Corrosion Webinars EMEA

We are pleased to invite you to our Derakane webinar series for FRP (Fiber-reinforced polymer) talking about different interesting topics relevant for the corrosion industry.

Derakane Webinar Series

  • Using FRP Equipment for Increased Reliability in Chemical Processing

    Derakane resins for FRP (fiber-reinforced polymer) have been used by leading chemical companies around the globe and are specified today for confidence & reliability in corrosive environments. Our speaker, Guy Schneider, covers the following topics:

    • Know how to identify the “sweet spot” for FRP
    • Review case histories demonstrating decades of proven performance
    • Reveal material selection resources for increased chemical compatibility & design life


  • Choosing the Right Resin for FRP Longevity in Chlor-Alkali

    Derakane resins for fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) have been used by global manufacturers in the chlor-alkali industry to increase confidence in highly corrosive areas of service. With proper material selection, fabrication, operation and maintenance - service life of FRP can exceed 20 years. Our speaker, Georges Kappenstein, covers the following topics

    • Identify key areas in the chlor-alkali process where FRP can be used 
    • Review the preferred resins and fabrication practices for each environment
    • Discuss case histories demonstrating years of performance in chlor-alkali service


  • In-Service Inspection & Maintenance of FRP

    Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) vessels and piping, manufactured with DerakaneTM epoxy vinyl ester resins, are used to contain and transport harsh chemicals in industrial process equipment and corrosive environments. Inspection and maintenance are critical for continued performance & reliability of key assets. Our speaker, Michael Jaeger, covers the following topics:

    • Build a quality inspection plan for fiberglass
    • Interpret visual clues to understand equipment performance
    • Know when and what maintenance and third-party inspection is required


  • Using FRP in Hydromet Mineral Processing Equipment

    DerakaneTM resins for fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) have been used by leading mining and mineral processing companies worldwide and are specified for proven performance in corrosive environments. Our speaker, Olivia Woerth, covers the following topics:

    • Leverage durability of FRP in Solvent Extraction process equipment
    • Outline advantages for on-site fabrication in remote mining locations
    • Demonstrate use of FRP to repair corroded metal and failed rubber-lined vessels
    • Share case histories with decades of performance in mineral processing applications


  • How to Buy a Fiberglass Tank

    DerakaneTM epoxy vinyl ester resins are used in the construction of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) tanks, pipe and duct where acids and chlorides are present. Utilizing established design standards are critical to extend service life and assure performance in harsh environments. Our speaker, Sabine Dinger, covers the following topics: 

    • Provide an overview of the buying process from an owner’s perspective
    • Establish upfront considerations & best practices
    • Review engineering standards & chemical compatibility charts increase design life