INEOS Paraform at a glance

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Profile Introduction

  • Introduction

    INEOS Paraform's roots go back to a chemical production site founded in 1856 by Werner and Amelung. Today we are a medium-sized chemical enterprise with about 145 employees. Since 1895 we have been producing Formaldehyde and its downstream derivatives.

    With our products Formaldehyde, Paraformaldehyde, Hexamethylene tetramine, Dimethoxymethane and Alkali Cyanates we are one of the top players in our relevant markets.

    Although we have been involved in Formaldehyde chemistry for more than 100 years, we feel there are still many opportunities for innovation, product development and applications science to meet the changing requirements of our customers and the markets we serve.

    Responsible Care principles are strictly applied to the health and safety of our own and our customers’ employees.

    We will continue to put our expertise, continuously developed since 1856, at the service of our customers, employees and our world – today, and into the future.

Vision and Values

INEOS is a customer-focused company. Its business mission is to be the supplier of choice to its customers.

Our Key Values
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    Excellence in safety, health and environmental performance

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    Focus on customer satisfaction, total quality and reliability

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    Continuous improvement to become a cost effective producer of high quality products

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    Encouragement of innovation, entrepreneurship and reward for achievement

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    Empowerment of employees to create real value for our customers and ourselves

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