Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. Rosignano: OPENS a new advanced polymer pilot plant to integrate recycled components into new resins

    INEOS ANNOUNCES agreement with Viridor to take thousands of tonnes of recycled polymer to generate a hybrid polymer partially made from mechanically recycled plastic

    Köln: FIRST site to receive RSB certification enabling the manufacture of “Bio-attributed” polymers


    INEOS ANNOUNCES Antwerp as the location for the €3 billion Project One site

  2. INEOS announces €2.7 billion investment to CONSTRUCT the first cracker in Europe for over 20 years

    Köln: OPENS new €30 million office centralising the customer service centre and administration

  3. INEOS signs agreement to BUILD the largest butane storage tank in Europe

    Köln: CELEBRATES 50 years of operations at the site

  4. Ship.png

    First DEPARTURE of INEOS Intrepid, one of INEOS’ Dragon ships, carrying the historic first shale gas shipment from the US to Europe 

    Grangemouth: The new office OPENS as part of a £450 million investment in the site.

  5. Grangemouth: CONSTRUCTION of Europe’s largest ethane tank begins.

  6. INEOS DESIGNS and CONSTRUCTS the world’s largest gas carrier ship announced to bring ethane from the US to Europe

  7. doublecircle.png

    INEOS Olefins (Europe) and INEOS Polyolefins (Europe) are combined to form the current INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe business

  8. INEOS acquires Hydro Polymers and the remaining 50% share of the Noretyl Cracker at Rafnes from Norsk Hydro.

    Köln: Expansion of the Cracker by 100KTPA of Ethylene

  9. site.png

    INEOS acquires Borealis Norway and 50% of the Noretyl Cracker at Rafnes

  10. hierarchy.png

    INEOS restructures INNOVENE and forms INEOS Olefins (Europe) and INEOS Polyolefins (Europe) as two of its eleven 'stand alone' business units

  11. euro.png

    INEOS acquires INNOVENE, BP's global Petrochemicals division, with BP, Solvay and Amoco heritage

  12. BP acquires PE business from Solvay

  13. Köln: Ethane Cracker line commissioned

    Lillo HDPE train 2 commissioned

  14. doublecircle.png

    Joint venture is agreed for all PE activities between BP and Solvay.

    BP acquires the Solvay PP business

    Köln: BP acquires the Bayer share of the EC-ERDÖLCHEMIE joint venture and changed name to BP Köln.

    Grangemouth: train 2KG Cracker commissioned

  15. Geel: PP2 is commissioned

  16. Grangemouth: KG Cracker train 1 commissioned

  17. Lillo: start of HDPE & PP production

  18. debottleneck.png

    Lavéra: Cracker №4 further debottlenecked to 700KTPA

  19. Köln: start-up of cracker №5

  20. Sarralbe PP production starts

  21. Lavéra: New PE plants using a gas phase process, designed by research team opens

  22. Köln: start-up of cracker No4. Sarralbe HDPE production starts

  23. Geel site is established

  24. sitehalf.png

    Rosignano: HDPE production unit starts

    Grangemouth: Polyethylene production starts

  25. Köln: Site founded as 'EC-ERDÖLCHEMIE', a joint venture of BP and Bayer

  26. Lavéra: Naphtachimie created by 3 partners: Pechiney, Kuhlmann and SGHP (first company name of BP in France)