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The INEOS Polyolefins Day K2022 will be hosted by members of the INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe team and will share how INEOS is investing in a lower carbon future, circularity and durable applications. Contact k2022@ineos.com if you have any questions.



Date & time

Thursday 20 October 2022
10am - 4.30pm CEST


D-40474 Düsseldorf, Am Staad (Stockumer Höfe)
Conference Room Hall 1/16 – reachable via South-Entrance


10.30-11.00 - Rob Ingram, CEO

Low carbon
11.00-11.40 - Investing in a Low Carbon Future

12.00-12.40 - Investing in Durables

13.15-13.55 - Design for Recycling
13.55-14.10 – Extraction & Sorting
14.30-15.30 - Hybrids and Advanced Recycling solutions

Panel & networking
15.30-16.30 – Debate with special industry experts
16.30 – food & drinks, networking

Our story

Here are more details of just some of the stories shared during the INEOS O&P K2022 event. Visit the INEOS group website to also download the 2022 sustainability report.

Project One

Project ONE is a game-changing investment by INEOS to construct an ethane cracker in the Antwerp petrochemical hub. The multi-billion euro investment is the largest in European chemistry in more than 20 years and will set new standards by employing the best available technology. Visit Project One website

Progressing Hydrogen

INEOS in Köln receives state funding for green hydrogen feasibility study to cut CO2 by more than 100,000 tonnes per year. Read in full

INEOS at Grangemouth announces plans to construct a low-carbon hydrogen manufacturing plant. Read in full

INEOS launches clean hydrogen project in Rafnes, Norway. Read in full

Renewable power

INEOS agrees to the largest ever industrial wind power purchase contract in Belgium with ENGIE - the 10-year deal will reduce INEOS’ carbon footprint by 1,150,000 tonnes of CO2

INEOS signs renewable power deal with RWE – expected to reduce CO2 emissions from its Belgian sites by a further 745,000 tonnes

INEOS signs renewable power deal with Eneco - the deal increases INEOS' total Belgian offshore wind generation to over 200MW and reduces CO2 emissions by nearly 3 million tonnes

Design for Recycling

In July 2022, INEOS O&P Europe announced a multi-million Euro investment in state-of-the-art pilot line technology that will enable it to work with converters, brands and retailers to develop simpler flexible packaging films that can be more easily recycled. Read full press release

Durable product applications

Examples of how INEOS O&P product is helping the world to transition to a net zero future:

A high-grade network beneath our feet: behind the scenes at INEOS & Pipelife. Watch in full (YouTube)

Empowering the green energy transition with high voltage cable ducting solutions. Watch in full (YouTube)

Intelligent sorting

In July 2022, INEOS Olefins and Polymers Europe announced that it had joined the Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0, a ground-breaking technology. The digital watermarks are imperceptible codes covering the surface of the packaging and detectable only by special cameras linked to high speed waste sorting systems. It could make a real difference to recycling rates and help industry make more high quality end products using recycled materials.

Read full HolyGrail press release.

Watch BBC feature (YouTube) for more on how the watermarks work.

Hybrid polymer solutions

INEOS O&P Europe is at the forefront of a new, ‘hybrid’ approach that combines mechanically processed post-consumer recyclates (PCR) with highly engineered virgin polymers. Our hybrid polymer range, Recycl-IN, meets consumer demands for an increase in the use of recycled materials while retaining the properties and high performance specification needed by converters and brand owners. Find out more about Recycl-IN

New recycled polymer from INEOS to be used by Polyclear Group following successful trials in shrink film applications. Read press release

Advanced recycling

INEOS and PLASTIC ENERGY announced a collaboration on the construction of a new plant to convert waste plastic into the raw material to make new plastic. Production of the new facility would be targeted for the end of 2023. Advanced recycling technology converts waste plastic back to its basic molecules. The resulting material is then used in INEOS crackers to replace traditional raw materials derived from oil. Read press release.