INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe’s first priority is serving customers and developing the necessary products for their markets.

This has led to the development of both powder and pellet grades specifically tailored for the compounding market. These tailored grades are complemented by an extensive range of grades primarily designed for the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion markets.


Should you require stiffness, impact or transparency our polypropylene grades will meet your technical requirements. Additionally, a range of homopolymer and copolymer powder grades taken directly from the reactor, branded Eltex® P, are available. Eltex® P powders are not stabilised and have a narrow particle size distribution with an average size of around 600 microns. 

This narrow particle size distribution coupled with a spherical morphology results in free flowing characteristics and virtually no fines. The uniform size gives excellent mixing behaviour with additives, fillers and colour concentrates.

High density polyethylene

Along with a complete range of pellet grades, INEOS O&P Europe also offers an extensive range of powder grades produced on a Ziegler Slurry process using proprietary supported catalyst. These powders, both homopolymer and copolymers have an average particle size of 250 microns making them ideal for numerous applications including the following:

  • Wood Plastic Composites
  • Textile components
  • Masterbatch and compound production
  • Chlorinated or chemically modified polyethylene production

Low and Linear low density polyethylene

An extensive range of low density and linear low density polyethylene grades are offered for compound production though these grades are only supplied in pellet form.