Excellent Flexibility and Processability


Excellent Flexibility and Processability

INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe offers a range of unique high fluidity products for compounding and injection moulding applications, namely

  • low density polyethylene (LDPE) materials with melt flow indexes up to 70 dg/min
  • metallocene linear low density polyethylene (mLLDPE) materials with melt flow indexes up to 20 dg/min, including some powder grades.

The LDPE grade slate covers a very wide range of fluidity (from 4 to 70 dg/min), allowing for the moulding of thin walled parts and containers as well as for the high loading of active ingredients in compounds and master-batches.

When processing these materials for the production of caps and closures, food containers, soft tubes or technical parts, moulders will see outstanding features, such as excellent flexibility and processability, low melting temperature, good transparency and high melt strength.

Additionally, compounders will appreciate the absence of any kind of additive (no anti-oxidant, no technical additive, no catalyst residue) allowing for the tailor formulation of very specific compounds and master-batches.

All these LDPE products are available from our autoclave production plants located in Cologne, Germany, and Bamble, Norway.

The mLLDPE grade slate has been developed for converters wishing to benefit from the unparalleled balance of processing and mechanical properties offered by Eltex® PF metallocene technology.

Eltex® PF6130AA and PF6140AA are best suited for master-batches with moderate loading of additives or fillers intended for film, textile or wire & cable applications.

Eltex® PF6180AA, PF1315AA and PF1320AA are particularly recommended for master-batches requiring higher levels of inorganic fillers.

In addition to the pellets grades, INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe also offers an additive-free virgin powder grade with controlled morphology: Eltex® PF6160AP.

This grade brings a range of innovative options to the compounding industry via its unique features:

  • additive-free, allowing for the tailored formulation of very specific master-batches
  • controlled morphology, which means that it is a free-flowing powder with low fines content and high bulk density, allowing for easy handling
  • good porosity, allowing for the absorption of up to 10 wt per cent of liquid additives or reactants

With this outstanding combination of properties, Eltex® PF6160AP is particularly well-suited to serve a wide range of applications such as cross-linked cable insulation, hot and cold PEX-b pipes, coloured concentrates, master-batches, textile coating, etc.

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