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INEOS O&P Europe announces €30m upgrade of Lillo polyolefins plant to increase focus on durable products that will play key role in transition to net zero

INEOS O&P Europe has announced today a €30m investment in the conversion of its plant in Lillo, at the Port of Antwerp, to enable its existing capacity to produce either monomodal or bi-modal grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This will allow Ineos to meet the strong demand for durable high-end applications such as cable ducts and pipes used to transport green energy sources such as renewable power and hydrogen, whilst enabling the business to follow market trends as society reduces single use packaging.

HDPE is a key building block for producing a wide variety of goods, including many of those that will play an essential role in the transition to net zero.

INEOS will use its proprietary technology to build on its leading position as a supplier to the high-density pressure pipe market, working with customers to supply key regions and segments such as drinking water, gas, sewage and industrial applications including geothermal and biogas.

The investment will also enable INEOS to meet growing demand for applications that will be critical to the new energy economy, for example: pressure pipe grids for transporting hydrogen; long-distance underground cable ducts networks for wind farms and transportation of other forms of renewable power; electrification infrastructure; and CO2 capture, transport and storage processes.

The unique combination of properties offered by INEOS’ bimodal HDPE polymers means many of these products can be installed and operated safely for at least 50 years. They also offer more efficient, lower emission solutions for transporting important utilities and goods around Europe’s cities.

The investment also demonstrates INEOS O&P Europe’s commitment to a thriving circular economy. Following the upgrade, the Lillo site will increase production of the highly engineered polymers INEOS combines with recycled plastic waste to form the Recycl-IN range, which enables converters and brand owners to produce products that meet consumer demands for increased use of recycled materials while continuing to deliver the high-performance specifications they expect.

It will also enable INEOS to work with customers to develop new grades of Recycl-IN products.

INEOS’ long term renewable wind energy contract has already lowered the site’s carbon footprint associated with the production of its products.

Rob Ingram, CEO, INEOS O&P Europe North, said: “This investment will enable our business to support the growing use of products that play a key role in the transition to net zero, as well as other uses essential to homes and businesses.”

“The Lillo investment also shows our commitment to helping to create a thriving circular economy. Our Recycl-IN polymer range gives our customers the quality and confidence they need to help them to increase the use of recycling materials”.

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Notes to Editors:

Some of the action O&P Europe is taking to create a more sustainable future:

  • Investing in state-of-the-art technology that will enable O&P Europe to work with partners to produce new, recyclable flexible packaging films, creating the potential to prevent approximately one million tons of waste per year from being sent to landfill or incineration
  • Building Project One, the most environmentally sustainable cracker in Europe and largest investment in the European chemical sector in a generation
  • Conducting a feasibility study into the construction of a 100-megawatt water electrolysis plant for producing green hydrogen at our site in Cologne, which could cut CO2 by more than 100,000 tonnes per year
  • The Recycl-IN polymer range, which compounds post-consumer recycled plastic with new highly engineered virgin polymers to meet the demand for recycled products that meet high performance specifications
  • Recycling investments that will drive up recycling levels and produce food-grade certified recycled content

This is just a small sample of the action being taken across INEOS to deliver net zero emissions and develop a circular economy in which valuable materials stay in use. Go to for more.  

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