INEOS Oxide: EO and derivatives expansion at Antwerp

INEOS Oxide announced today, 10th December 2004, the intention to expand its ethylene oxide (EO) and EO-derivative capabilities at its site in Antwerp, Belgium. 

The expansions will include additional EO capacity in combination with world-scale ethanolamine (EOA, 160ktpa) and alkoxylation units. Production from these facilities will commence early 2007.

“This is an important step forward in establishing INEOS Oxide as one of the largest EO and derivative producers in the world. These investments have been under consideration for some time as we have approached maximum plant occupacities both at Antwerp and our EOA facility at Plaquemine Louisiana. Timing is now right to implement these initiatives, permitting us to support the growth plans of our customers.” said Bill Reid, INEOS Oxide’s CEO.

INEOS Oxide, part of the € 5 billion INEOS Group of Companies, is a leading producer of intermediate and speciality chemicals, with production facilities in Antwerp Belgium, Plaquemine Louisiana and Freeport Texas. Their Antwerp site is located on the Schelde River in the Port of Antwerp. This site has undergone considerable expansion in recent times, more than trebling EO capacities to 420ktpa, making it the largest unit of its type in Europe. EO-derivatives produced by INEOS Oxide include glycols, EG-based coolants, ethanolamines, glycol ethers and alkoxylates. In addition, the company is a leading producer of ethylidene norbornene monomers and acetate ester solvents. The Antwerp site has also been developed by INEOS Oxide as a “host” site, where nine Third Party Companies have co-located their production facilities to take advantage of the site’s infrastructure, skilled workforce and strategic coastal location providing close proximity to feedstocks and customers.

For further details please contact: 

Bill Reid, CEO, INEOS Oxide Ltd
Phone: +44 2380 287 068

Bob Learman, General Manager, INEOS LLC
Phone: +1 713 243 6202

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