Kilfrost and Solventis agree exclusive licensing deal.

One of the world’s leading suppliers of de and anti-icing products to the aviation sector has today agreed an exclusive license to produce a range of products under its brand in continental Europe.

Kilfrost Ltd confirmed the deal with Kilfrost Europe Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Solventis Ltd. Kilfrost Europe Ltd will be supported by INEOS Oxide, one of the major producers of Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG) in Europe.

Gary Lydiate, Chief Executive of Kilfrost explained: “We’re delighted to have confirmed this license deal with Solventis, covering Type I, Type II and Type IV fluids, and we have further agreed that our renowned technical and logistics teams will work closely with Solventis’ own experts to ensure truly seamless deliveries across the coming winter season and beyond.”

“As a company, we’re proud of our position as the original pioneers of safety-critical de and anti-icing fluids, and of our well-deserved reputation for innovation and for cutting-edge expertise across frost protection chemistry and rheology. We’ve been exploring ways to best leverage this over the last few years, and the result is a breakthrough in fluid technology for the heat transfer sector. This agreement with Solventis allows us to concentrate on this exciting new market, and for our team of research and development chemists to focus on additional product developments.”

“Our customers across continental Europe will be looked after by Solventis and our own in-house production, technical, and logistics experts, and will see Solventis manufacture Type I, Type II, and Type IV products from their exciting new manufacturing facility in Antwerp, LLH” he concluded.

Solventis is a manufacturer and bulk distributor of petrochemical solvents and aircraft de-icing fluids, and partners with other world-class international suppliers across the globe. They operate the largest glycol blending facility in Europe based in Antwerp.

Kilfrost is a third-generation owned and managed family company, recognised as the global leader in its field. Working across the industrial and aviation sectors, Kilfrost maintains a proud focus on pioneering the next generation of products to raise industry standards, and to meet the growing needs of its commercial clients and the wider community.


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