New Leadership at Phenolchemie

In May 2001, the British INEOS Group, a diversified manufacturer of petrochemicals, intermediates and specialities acquired Phenolchemie from Degussa. Phenolchemie is the world's largest manufacturer of phenol and acetone, chemical precursors for the manufacture of polycarbonates, acrylics, resins and others, with plants in Germany, Belgium and the United States. 
In relation to this change in ownership, Dr. W. Kleinloh, who has been Managing Director since 1995, leaves the company on August 31, 2001, in full agreement with the new owner. 

As successor, INEOS has called upon Dr. Peter Bickert, who already is President & CEO of the American Phenolchemie Inc. 

Antwerp, Sept. 3rd, 2001

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