The well site is situated in Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence (PEDL) 304 on land to the south of Dinnington Road, located to the west of the settlement of Woodsetts, Rotherham. This location has been chosen because it is within an area of interest to us based on existing seismic data.

This vertical well has been designed to extract a “core” sample of the rock for laboratory analysis to identify the geological characteristics of the rock and its gas-producing properties.   A pressure transient test (PTT) will be undertaken following the drilling.  The purpose of the PTT is to establish the reservoir properties such as whether the target zone is over pressured (which is encouraging for shale gas extraction). The well will be retained for technical and safety reasons as a “listening well” which would be used only if a well elsewhere was hydraulically fractured.

Site construction and rig assembly will take up to three months. Drilling, coring and testing will take up to five months. Once drilling, coring and testing operations have ceased, establishing the well as Listening Well and suspension will take up to one month with the suspended well in place until restoration .

There will be periods when traffic activity is high such as site construction, rig and equipment deliveries and subsequent removal with fewer deliveries each day during drilling operations. All deliveries will be carefully planned and closely managed to minimise disruption to local residents.

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