INEOS Styrolution enhances product portfolios for its focus industries

Frankfurt, Germany

  • Latest applications presented at booth D28 in hall 6
  • Strongest line-up ever for automotive, healthcare, household, electronics, packaging and construction industries
  • INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics, provides an overview of its material portfolios for its focus industries at the K 2019 in Düsseldorf (hall 6 at booth D28). With recent additions to its portfolio, INEOS Styrolution offers its strongest line-up ever to customers.


    INEOS Styrolution offers a wide range of styrenics solutions for the transportation industry. They are used for interior and exterior car applications, for two-wheelers, trucks and agricultural vehicles. Four materials stand out in particular: Novodur® Ultra 4255 and H701 have been developed to become the materials of choice for interior automotive applications. Exterior automotive applications take advantage of Luran® S materials which provide a perfect surface even for high gloss aesthetic applications. It can be combined with the hot stamping technology and helps to reduce production cost. The thermoplastic composite StyLight® combines exceptional light weight with stiffness, aesthetics, processability and stability. This composite has been validated by ARRK Shapers’ for interior applications and has started to make inroads into the automotive industry, becoming a serious option for future applications.



    INEOS Styrolution offers several healthcare service packages (Essential HD, Full Service HD, and Standard Food Contact) for its diverse product line. For example, the Essential HD Package includes USP Class VI certification, various ISO 10993 compliance, and access to a Drug Master File (DMF) filed with the US FDA.  This is also offered with a Notification of Change (NOC) term up to 12 months when signing a long-term supply contract.

    Products such as the new medical tubing grade, Styroflex® 4G80, are offered with this Essential HD Package.  For customers looking for an alternative solution to what has been historically available on the market, Styroflex 4G80 in combination with other INEOS Styrolution grades provides an opportunity to develop an entire IV set from next-generation materials.

    With the acquisition of the K-Resin business in 2017, INEOS Styrolution created the most comprehensive SBC product portfolio by combining this well-known brand with its already established Styrolux and Styroflex product lines. K-Resin products such as KR01, KR03, KR05 and DK11 are commonly used within the healthcare industry. K-Resin, Styrolux, and Styroflex grades are well suited for various medical applications including, but not limited to, drip chambers, face masks, medical packaging, and IV parts.

    Finally, Novodur® HD M203FC is one of the most recognised ABS products in the medical industry. It is used in a variety of inhaler applications due to its well-balanced properties (high surface quality, dimensional stability, heat resistance and robustness) and is offered with INEOS Styrolution’s Full Service HD package. This service offering comes with a full complement of regulatory compliance documentation along with a Notification of Change (NOC) term of up to 36 months when signing a long-term supply contract.



    The portfolio of styrenics solutions for the packaging industry is rather broad. It ranges from rigid food packaging across shrink sleeves and cosmetic packaging to flexible film packaging and stretch hood solutions.

    Rigid food packaging solutions are mainly based on Styrolution® PS (Polystyrene) and Styrolux® grades. They are convenient and functional, they are food-contact compliant and they extend the shelf life of packaged food products.

    Shrink sleeves are based on Styrolux grades. They provide tailor-made solutions for high ultimate shrink and medium shrink film with superior surface quality and printability.

    In an industry where elegance and beauty must be reflected in product design and surface quality, both transparent and opaque specialty materials offer premium aesthetic solutions. Eye-catching elegant surfaces and visual effects can be obtained with materials including Luran®, NAS®, Terlux®, Zylar® (all transparent) and Novodur® (opaque).

    Flexible film packaging preserving content in the most natural way is based on INEOS Styrolution’s SBC (styrene-butadiene copolymers) solutions Styrolux® and Styroflex®.

    Stretch hoods are the solution for excellent load stability during transportation and protecting goods against all environmental stress in pallet packaging. Styroflex PG77 is perfectly suited for these applications due to its great elasticity and impact resistance.



    Styrenics are used in a wide range of household devices. They all benefit from the attractive aesthetics that styrenics is widely appreciated for. INEOS Styrolution helps ensure the look, feel and safety at premium levels. Depending on shape and colour requirements, INEOS Styrolution helps customers select the right grade for given requirements.

    Small appliances such as water filters, coffee machines or various kitchen processors take advantage of materials such as Terluran®, , Novodur® or Luran® S. The same materials are deployed in washing machines or other big domestic appliances.

    Styrolution® PS, Terluran® and Luran® are the materials of choice for refrigerators.

    Air conditioners are typically made of Styrolution® PS, Terluran®, Novodur® and Luran®. For vacuum cleaners, Terluran®, Novodur®, Luran® and Luran® S are the materials of choice.

    With Novodur® P4XF, a high flow ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), the latest addition to its portfolio, INEOS Styrolution offers a perfect fit for thin-walled applications such as in air-conditioning devices, vacuum cleaners and coffee machines.



    Styrenics can be found in several electronics markets. They are the material of choice for communication devices, computers and office equipment, consumer electronics as well as for switches and charging solutions.

    Terluran®, Novodur® and the composite StyLight® are typical materials for mobile phones due to their superior processing abilities, surface quality, good impact and chemical resistance.

    Optimised for electronic antenna housings, Luran® S, Luran® SC and StyLight® offer key benefits such as superior weatherability, stiffness and low processing temperatures, low specific gravity and low moisture absorption.

    Terluran®, Novodur® and Novodur® HH are ideal for wi-fi router housings.

    Terluran®, Novodur®, Styrolution® PS, Luran® S and NAS® offer material options for a range of PCs and monitors from affordable to advanced high-end solutions ensuring required properties and design. Peripherals benefit from Terluran®, Novodur®, Terblend® N and Luran® SC, copiers from Terluran®, Novodur® and Styrolution® PS. The styrenic solutions offer a good balance of impact strength and processability.

    In consumer electronics, styrenics are present in TV sets, gaming devices, set top boxes and security systems. Benefits of the materials range from easy processing across high surface quality to heat resistance and impact strength. The portfolio includes NAS®, Styrolution® PS, Terluran®, Terlux®, Novodur®, Absolac®, StyLight® and Luran® S.



    Most of INEOS Styrolution’s product families contribute to developing innovative solutions in the construction industry.

    Novodur® P2MC is a perfect material for chrome plating used, for example, for fixtures such as shower heads.

    Luran® S has proven its capabilities as a co-extruded cap layer on window profiles produced from PVC. It provides options for color decoration and comes with an UV protection for the base polymer behind it. Styrenic polymers are fully compatible and mixable with PVC and bring added value to such formulations. The low thermal conductivity of Luran® S contributes to the insulation of buildings. Luran® S 778T G2 UV is one of the latest additions to the portfolio offering superior impact strength, dimensional stability, best-in-class weatherability and high surface quality.

    Luran® High Heat and Novodur® High Heat enhance extruded PVC stability of increased temperatures (e.g. PVC profiles for roller blinds).

    Luran® enables the production of thermally optimised plastic spacers for insulating glass.

    Being well compatible with a broad range of polymers, Styrolux® and Styroflex® are transparent modifiers for flexible flooring.

    Mark Beitz, VP Business Management Styrenics Specialties EMEA, comments: “This year’s product portfolio is probably the strongest we have been able to deliver to our customers. I am confident that, together with our INEOS Styrolution ECO solutions for a circular economy, we have the best solutions today and we pave the way for a very strong line-up in the future.”


    INEOS Styrolution is the leading, global styrenics supplier with a focus on styrene monomer, polystyrene, ABS Standard and styrenic specialties. With world-class production facilities and more than 85 years of experience, INEOS Styrolution helps its customers succeed by offering the best possible solution, designed to give them a competitive edge in their markets. The company provides styrenic applications for many everyday products across a broad range of industries, including Automotive, Electronics, Household, Construction, Healthcare, Packaging and Toys/ Sports/ Leisure. In 2018, sales were at 5.4 billion euros. INEOS Styrolution employs approximately 3,500 people and operates 20 production sites in ten countries.

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