Our History

Here is a brief history of our business purchases and achievements

  1. Moved Ammonia and Salt to other INEOS businesses

  2. Acquires Composites from Ashland

    Acquires the Joliet business from Flint Hills Resources

    Acquires the Pigments business from Tronox


    Sells Melamines and Paraform

    Sells ChloroToluenes and Baleycourt

  3. INEOS Enterprises sells INEOS Styrenics to Synthos S.A for €80 Million


    INEOS Enterprises acquires Calabrian Corporation in North America

  4. INEOS Enterprises acquires Befesa Valorizatión de Azufre in Spain

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    INEOS Melamines, INEOS Paraform & INEOS Styrenics businesses move into INEOS Enterprises

    INEOS Compounds and Doeflex Compounding combine to form INEOS Compounds Ltd

    Acquisition of Sasol's Solvents business and production facilities at Moers & Herne, Germany

  6. Acquires 100% shareholding of Champlor, Biodiesel business in Baleycourt, France

  7. Divestment of IACC, Thailand

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    INEOS Compounds business moves into INEOS Enterprises

    CDM business transfers from INEOS Fluor into INEOS Enterprises

  9. Acquires full shareholding in IACC, now wholly owned by INEOS


    Acquisition of Vinyl Acetate Monomer manufacturing facilities from BP at Saltend, Hull

  10. Investment in Ultra-pure sulphuric acid unit in Runcorn, Cheshire

  11. Plans are announced for investment in new UK gas storage facility at Holford Brinefields, Cheshire

    Chlor-Alkali business in Atlantik, Germany is transferred to INEOS ChlorVinyls


    Investments in new biodiesel production facility at Baleycourt, France are made

    INEOS Enterprises electrochemical technology business moves into INEOS Technologies

    Ammonia/ Nitric acid and Ethanol business are added to INEOS Enterprises' portfolio following the acquisition of INNOVENE (BP)

    Acquisition of Salt Union's business from Compass Minerals

    Investment in new Pemcoat production facilities at Runcorn

    Entry into ultra-pure acids business and investment in new ultra-pure sulphuric acid plant at Runcorn


    INEOS Enterprises' BICHLORTM Electrolysers are supplied for INEOS Chlor's new membrane Chlorine plant as part of the company's £390 Million modernisation programme

    INEOS Chlor Enterprises is renamed as INEOS Enterprises

  12. Acquisition of ultra-pure sulphuric acid business from Rhodia

    A new Biofuels business is established at Baleycourt, France


    A new borehole drilling programme commences at Holford Brinefield, Cheshire

    INEOS Chlor Enterprises is formed

  13. INEOS acquires ICL Chlor-chemicals and forms INEOS Chlor