INEOS Oil & Gas

INEOS Oil & Gas' business purpose is the responsible, reliable, long-term extraction of natural gas.



INEOS Oil & Gas UK is a fully integrated exploration and production company. Our focus is primarily on gas production. We make a significant contribution towards securing the UK energy supplies by means of sustainably high domestic production levels. Our focus is the Southern North Sea and West of Shetlands. Health and safety at the workplace take highest priority, as do environmental protection and social responsibility. All the company’s activities are strictly value-oriented and serve to increase earnings through improving operating efficiency.


INEOS Oil & Gas Denmark

We all depend on oil and gas. With the steady demand for energy in Europe, oil and gas will be essential for many decades to come as a reliable source of energy providing heat, light and fuel for transportation. We in INEOS Oil & Gas Denmark are proud of our contribution to providing our society with oil & gas. Our most important resources are our enthusiastic and dedicated employees. Every day we use our skills and competencies to be forward-thinking when operating our assets and delivering technical and commercial solutions of high complexity. We believe that value is best created through an open culture where everyone is engaged.