Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to our frequently asked questions.

How do I get my CV to you?

Please submit your CV and a covering letter through our jobs database. Our current opportunities are listed there and can be searched by job, country and site. When you find the role you’re interested in, press the link and follow the instructions on screen.

Can I send a CV speculatively?

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications for vacancies listed on our jobs database.

Can I apply if I have a disability?

Yes. We are an equal opportunities employer. If you have a disability, we’ll provide additional support through the application process and beyond.

I have received a job offer email from you asking for money, is this real?

We never ask candidates for money and we only use email addresses. If you receive an email claiming to be from us asking you for money, do not respond to it. If you believe you’ve been scammed or handed over money, you should contact your local police.

I need sponsorship to work in Europe or the UK, can I apply for the European Commercial Graduate Programme?

This particular graduate programme requires you to be mobile around Europe and the UK, hence unfortunately graduates who require sponsorship to work in these regions cannot be considered. 

Does that mean I cannot apply for any graduate positions in INEOS?

The requirements for any direct graduate entry positions will be specified in the advert so you should check there. INEOS does provide sponsorship in some cases depending on the requirements for the position.

Will I receive language support if I am moved to a different country?

Yes you will. In the vast majority of our offices, English is the working language, but knowing the local language will help you assimilate more easily at work and outside. Some of our employees have ended up fluent and conducting business meetings in the local language, but this is not a requirement. 

I want to apply to the engineering graduate programme. Will I move around different businesses and countries too?

As an engineer you are likely to complete the graduate programme in one location, gaining experience and progressing by working on different units/assets and possibly within different businesses too. If you are mobile, there will be opportunities for you to move businesses and countries to develop yourself further, particularly if you aspire to leadership positions in engineering/operations.

I am an engineer and want to start my career in engineering. Does that mean I will be pigeon holed as an engineer and cannot move into commercial roles?

Certainly not. INEOS does not pigeon hole people and constrain their development and ambition. Many of our employees in commercial functions have an engineering background and engineering is an excellent background for many roles within INEOS.

I have applied to INEOS for a graduate role. How do I get on the INEOS Graduate Programme?

You will either be told when you apply if the position is considered part of the programme, or you will need to be nominated by your line manager and HR and accepted on to the programme.