PVC Cables

INEOS Compounds offers a wide range of PVC cable products

INEOS Compounds offers a wide range of PVC cable products which are specifically targeted to be used in a variety of commercial fields. All our PVC compounds formulations respond to:

  • British Standard: BS7655
  • German Standard: VDE 0207
  • Italian Standard: CEI 20 - 20
  • US Standard: UL
  • IEC 502, 227

INEOS Compounds PVC Cable grades as suitable for use in:

  • Fire Performance FRiLA Flame Retardant Low Acid
  • Telecommunication cables
  • Automotive cables
  • Special cables

In addition, all PVC cable compounds comply to ROhS standard (Directive 2002/95/EC - Directive 2003/11/EC)

Other Markets

PVC Buildings Products

INEOS Compounds offers a wide range of rigid PVC products available as Dryblends and Granulate in a variety of colours and lot sizes for the...

PVC Hose and Tubing

High standard raw materials and a certified industrial process are used by INEOS Compounds.

PVC Packaging

For PVC packaging applications INEOS Compounds offers compounds with an excellent combination of mechanical and chemical properties.

Speciality PVC

INEOS Compounds’ Research and Development has realised a new range of innovative "problem-solving" compounds.