Our Services

Here you can find information on the services we provide.

Colour Matching

Colour is an essential and important part of any rigid or flexible PVC compound. Whether the compound is clear or opaque, PVC compounds must meet stringent colour specifications.

We provide a colour matching service second to none with a turn round normally less than 5 days.

This is possible because of our skill and knowledge of pigmentation which extends to a wide range of colours and tints.

Application Development

Our technical team is continually striving to develop new PVC compound formulations to meet the ever-changing and increasingly demanding requirements of the industry.

The need for enhanced performance, economic or environmental issues may drive these developments.

Whatever the reason we are at the leading edge of technology and are always prepared to work in partnership with customers to ensure products are fit for their intended purpose.

Technical Support

The relationship does not end when the PVC compound has been supplied.

Our technical team is there to advise and offer support on processing issues, testing, and troubleshooting of any nature associated with the compound. We can also advise on the suitability of products for their projected application.

Additionally we have close links and partnerships with our suppliers and technical institutions – the possibilities are endless.