INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe offers a range of innovative solutions for the flexible packaging market, based on our wide range of products; including Eltex® P, Eltex® PF, EBA copolymers and BOPP.

Eltex® PF (new generation metallocene PE) in combination with other INEOS O&P Europe products offers state of the art solutions enabling customers to develop market leading products:

  • Eltex® PF combined with EBA copolymers for stretch hoods
  • Eltex® PF plus LDPE for high clarity collation shrink film
  • Eltex® PF product range for lamination

Eltex® P Polypropylene sealing layer resins cover a comprehensive performance range. Thanks to the versatility of the polymer structure (C2 & C4 copolymer, C2/C4 terpolymer), Eltex® P offers outstanding film surface functionalities such as low sealing temperature, hot tack strength and metallisation.

Combinations of Eltex® P with homopolymers provides unique solutions for:

  • Sealable transparent films
  • Tobacco film
  • White cavitated films
  • Labels
  • Metallised films

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