Silkflo Polydecenes

INEOS Oligomers offers the Silkflo® product range of polydecenes specifically produced and sold for use in personal care and cosmetic products.


pao.jpgSilkflo Polydecenes

Silkflo products are registered with the Personal Care Products Council. For any additional technical information, please e-mail us at or request a sample of our products via our "REQUEST A SAMPLE” link below.


Silkflo cosmetic fluids are clear, bright, high purity hydrocarbon liquids with a unique, non-oily feel that sets them apart from mineral oils and similar products. A variety of formulations have been developed using Silkflo polydecenes as an alternative to mineral oil, squalane and cyclomethicone. The resulting creams, lotions, bars and gels show no sign of breakdown or separation in storage after a full month at 45°C.

Silkflo Polydecenes are the obvious choice for:

  • Moisturizing lotions
  • Non-oily emollient bars
  • Conditioning face creams
  • Oil-in-water moisturizing and cleansing creams
  • Water-in-oil cleansing creams
  • Night-time, water-resistant and baby lotions
  • Cationic lotions

The advantages of using Silkflo Polydecene in cosmetic formulations are based on its properties:

  • Non-oily
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-greasy
  • Low volatility
  • Clear, water-white
  • Non-toxic
  • Odorless

Silkflo fluids provide versatility for a wide array of personal-care products; the properties that consumers want are available throughout the range of viscosities. Creams and lotions formulated with Silkflo polydecene leave the skin feeling clean, silky-soft and refreshed, more beautiful and smoothly toned.