Alex Bullard Mechanical Reliability Engineer

Name: Alex Bullard

Job title: Mechanical Reliability Engineer

University/college attended: University of Texas

Degree qualification and year of graduation: BS in Mechanical Engineering 2013


How did you find out about the INEOS grad scheme/your job, and what attracted you to apply?

I learned about INEOS through my university’s Engineering Career Assistance Center. The company and the mechanical engineering role seemed unique. Also, the company didn’t have an impersonal big corporation feel; this sparked my interest to apply.

How did you find the application/interview process?

I applied through my school’s career center for a summer internship. The interview was unique from the typical HR interview questions that most companies use. The recruiter took a genuine interest in things on my resume, and we had a conversation about my achievements, past work experiences, future goals and extracurricular activities.

What does your role involve? What are some typical activities/key responsibilities?

My goal as a Mechanical Reliability Engineer is to ensure asset integrity.  I work with Operations and Maintenance to ensure plant equipment is operating safely and reliably. I don’t really experience “typical” days; every day is a new experience. This keeps the job interesting. Equipment fails. My job is to understand why it failed and find ways to prevent it from failing in the future.

What other roles have you held since joining INEOS?

I first joined INEOS the summer of 2013 as a Mechanical Engineering Intern. At the end of my internship, I was offered a full time position upon completing my Engineering degree. I started full time in my current position in January of 2014.

What training have you received?

I have received formal training for process safety, lean six-sigma, risk assessment of mechanical equipment, and various trainings on understanding equipment components.  I also receive hands on training almost every day by working with people from different backgrounds and experiences.  

What do you hope/expect for your next couple of years at INEOS?

INEOS has a lot of young engineers eager to make the company the best it can be. We have freedom to set our own goals and grow our positions how it suits us best. I would like to be able to look back in a few years and see how we have improved the company for future waves of young engineers. Then I would like to see how this new group continues to make improvements, and hopefully, with experience, I can help mentor them to achieve the goals they set. 

What do you most enjoy about your job?

There is never a dull moment; every day brings a new challenge. I like knowing that the projects I work on matter. There is a great feel of accomplishment when you see one of your designs implemented in the field. 

What are the highlights of your time at INEOS so far?

The excitement associated with working for INEOS started when I was an intern. I found myself overcoming my fear of heights on several occasions while I was 60ft off the ground on top of flake tanks. That summer I realized, this is definitely not your typical stuck-in-the-office engineering job. Towards the end of that summer I got to present my project alongside my mentor to members of upper management.  I was amazed that even at just an entry level position, upper management cared what I had to say.

What challenges have you faced in your role so far, and how have you overcome them? What support has been provided?

A common challenge with my job is learning how to fix things that I do not know much about. Since I am new to the industry, I must research issues and consult with co-workers with experience before I can solve a problem. Luckily INEOS has an open-door policy, and everyone is willing to help. 

Why do you particularly like about working at INEOS, and would you recommend it to future graduates?

INEOS is a unique place to work that provides everyday challenges. I definitely would recommend it to future graduates.