Carbon Storage

Project Greensand

Our carbon capture and storage (CCS) project in Denmark is world leading; we are the first cross border offshore CO2 storage intended to mitigate climate change*. We have received full backing and investment from the Danish government and are working with a highly skilled consortium of partners in all parts of Europe. Our aim is to sequester at least 8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from the industry and inject into reservoir wells using our Oil & Gas Siri platform.
*Source: Global Status of CCS 2022 Report 
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We are thankful for the trust that has been shown to the entire consortium behind Project Greensand. Carbon capture storage is one of the steps needed to reach the ambitious climate goals in Denmark, and we as a consortium are very proud to be allowed to contribute to that through this project


Our Businesses

Energy Trading

Trading in oil, gas, carbon and liquified natural gas (LNG) commodities.

Carbon Storage

A world leading carbon capture and storage project in the Danish North Sea


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