C2 Alcohols - Ethanol

INEOS' synthetic ethanol is manufactured through a complex three stage process that ultimately produces a single grade of ethanol (DRAA – Double Rectified Absolute Alcohol) which is 99.9 % pure.

This is an ideal product for use in specialist applications that depend on superior, high quality product. INEOS’ synthetic ethanol is of a consistently high quality and produced using selective synthetic chemistry, thereby eliminating risks associated with contaminants such as: Genetically modified organisms, pesticide residues, natural allergens, phthalates, dioxins.


Grades available:

  • ETHANOL (EtOH) 99.9 anhydrous
  • ETHANOL (EtOH) 99.9 anhydrous in acc. to the European Pharmacopeia
  • ETHANOL (EtOH) 96 aceotropic


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Inks
  • Dyes
  • Coatings
  • Chemical intermediates

INEOS synthetic ethanol can be blended with a variety of denaturants to meet specific customer requirements.


Di Ethyl Ether is produced by INEOS as a by-product of our Synthetic Ethanol manufacture.


  • Pharmaceutical & Agricultural Chemical manufacture, as an extractant, diluent, Active Pharma Ingredient (API) and as a reaction medium in Grignard reactions
  • In mixture with ethanol as solvent for cellulose nitrate
  • Perfume manufacturing as a diluents
  • Gelatisation of cellulose nitrate and the production of collodion solution
  • Common lab solvent / reagent

Grades available:

  • DIETHYLETHER (DEE) technical grade
  • DIETHYLETHER (DEE) in acc. to the European Pharmacopeia

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