INEOS Enterprises is a global market leader in the production of intermediary chemicals. We have a diverse portfolio of chemical products that are used as an essential input into chemical value chains across a broad variety of end markets and sectors, such as paints, coatings, construction, automotive, packaging and medical devices.

Our businesses hold market leading positions from the largest IPA producer in Europe to the largest global producer of VER and Gelcoat. As well as meeting customer product and specification requirements, whether that be through our market leading grades of TiO2 or proprietary SO2 clean technology.


INEOS Solvents Ethanol, due to its high solvency performance is used as a versatile process solvent for a wide range of reactive and non-reactive process steps, as well as being used as re- crystallisation solvent in its own right.

INEOS Solvents BDO chemical commodity used to manufacture various polymers that are in turn used for making plastics, elastic fibre and other solvents. Sulphuric acid is one of the world’s largest industrial chemicals. INEOS’ sulphuric acid is used in the manufacture of a whole series of products such as hydrofluoric acid, caprolactum, ammonium sulphate, titanium dioxide, acrylonitrile and methyl methacrylate. These products serve many end markets ranging from refrigerants for air-conditioning units and domestic appliances to engineering polymers (PTFE, nylon, acrylic polymers), fertilisers, paints and coatings.

INEOS Joliet PIA is primarily used in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET), as well as the manufacture of plastics requiring better thermal and chemical resistance, therein improving overall durability. TMA has three primary end uses in the chemical industry for the production of trimellitate esters (used in automotive) and saturated polyesters/epoxy polyesters (used in coatings and insulation.


INEOS Composites primary products are unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), vinyl ester resins (VER) and gelcoats. All products have value-add properties that mean they are replacing more standard products e.g. plastics, metals. These properties include corrosion resistance, fire retardance, ultraviolet resistance, water and chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, impact and scratch resistance and high strength-to-weight ratios; all of which make them key throughout the construction sector.

INEOS Compounds produce a range of products that can be used in construction from the floor up; ranging from PVC flooring compounds to ridge tile compounds. Other opportunities within this sector are our dry blend compounds for the manufacture of PVC windows, used in conjunction with gasketing materials. INEOS Compounds offer a full range of products covering conservatory manufacture from flooring, cable management and trunking to roof sheet and finials, all in addition to the conservatory frame itself. Guttering systems, inclusive of drain pipes are also a major application in this area.

Paints and Coatings

INEOS Pigments Titanium Dioxide provides the opacity and whiteness required by many paints and coatings.

INEOS Solvents Ethanol is an important solvent for the coatings and inks industry, particularly when used with flexible packaging for food contact.


INEOS Compounds offer a wide range of flexible and rigid PVC products used for  cable management, trunking, roof sheet, gasketing, hose and tube, stair nosing, floor trims, supermarket ticketing strips, cavity closures and rainwater goods.


PDV salt is manufactured to stringent food hygiene standards; it is also an important ingredient for the food industry where it is used for preservation and curing and for flavour enhancement.

Microfine Salt produced by INEOS is primarily used in food manufacture such as snack foods, butter and cheese making where a finer grade of salt is required for smooth processing.

Sea Salt is available to compliment high purity vacuum salts that are produced by INEOS Enterprises.

INEOS Enterprises PDV Salt is BRC accredited and Kosher and Halaal certified for food use.


INEOS Compounds offer both flexible and rigid compounds to this market, covering such items as body mouldings, dash trims, glass gasketing and auto harness wiring.

INEOS Pigments Titanium Dioxide is used across the automotive sector to achieve the desired colours across components and car bodies.


INEOS Composites Gelcoat products have superior gloss and depth of colour, UV resistance, weather-ability and consistency, key to the high-quality finish for boat hulls.

Medical & Pharma

INEOS Compounds  PVC compounds are used in the manufacture of medical devices including blood bags, tubing, IV sets and catheter devices CEREPLASTM Esters are widely used as plasticisers, which are particularly suited for use in the PVC products designed for the medical industry.

INEOS Solvents Ethanol meets all the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), the European Pharmacopoeia (EP) and the British Pharmacopoeia (BP). This allows our Ethanol to be used as feedstock and solvent in pharmaceuticals manufacture of insulin and anti-viral compounds.


INEOS Solvents IPA and Ethanol are both key raw materials in the manufacture of disinfectants, hand sanitiser and alcohol wipes.

Water Treatment

INEOS’ sulphuric acid is used by the water industry for pH control and as ion exchange resin regeneration.


INEOS Compounds offer both flexible and rigid compounds for packaging covering the market from cosmetic containers to medical bottles and storage and crates. 


INEOS Composites VER commands higher strength and better corrosion resistance and durability compared to many traditional materials, and is used heavily in pipe and tank applications which require high quality reliable products for hazardous materials.

INEOS Compounds rigid PVC materials are used in the extrusion of underground, soil and drainage pipes.

Home & Electronic Appliances

INEOS Compounds offer a wide range of PVC cable compounds which are designed to meet BS7655 (TI1, TI2, TM1, TM2 & TM9). INEOS Compounds also offer a wide range of cable compounds with flame retardant properties which are ideal for this application.

Cosmetics & Personal Care

In the cosmetic sector, INEOS Solvents Ethanol is used in products such as antiperspirants, deodorants, perfumes, mouthwash, hair sprays and various other toiletries.

Detergents & Household

INEOS Solvents Ethanol is widely used in detergents and various household products, and particularly into anti-bacterial hand-wash gels.

Renewable Energy

INEOS Composites Glencoat is a key material in the construction of rotor blades for the wind sector.