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Our catalysts are commercialized under the INcat™ brand. They all benefit from INEOS long experience in operations on various technology platforms. Our extensive patent portfolio and know-how cover our processes and catalysts and provide significant competitive advantage.

While the INcat™ catalyst portfolio has been initially developed for Innovene™ technology platforms, recent developments focalized in optimizing or developing new grades for other PE and PP technology processes.

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst is continuously improving and extending its INcat™ catalysts portfolio. With a broad selection of catalyst solutions already available, commercial and technical representatives regularly meet with customers to discuss the optimum catalyst technology, including developing new catalyst grades, for their present and future needs.


Polyethylene Catalysts

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst offers an extensive range of catalyst systems for use in slurry and gas phase processes

INcat™ polyethylene catalysts portfolio includes:

  • INcat™ S series: optimized for monomodal and multimodal loop and CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) Slurry processes. It is composed of narrow to broad molecular weight distribution Ziegler-Natta catalysts.
  • INcat™ MT series: Ziegler-Natta catalysts mainly for use in Innovene™ S process. These enable the manufacture of a wide range of narrow to semi-broad molecular weight HDPE products These catalysts are also used for the production of best in class bimodal/multimodal HDPE grades.
  • INcat™ G series, INcat™ SDX and Novacat T catalysts: Ziegler-Natta catalysts system dedicated to polyethylene Gas Phase processes for the production of LLDPE and HDPE using C4 and C6 comonomers. These catalysts have a narrow molecular weight distribution.
  • INcat™ M series: composed of specialty metallocene catalysts for the production of differentiated LLDPE and HDPE in gas and slurry processes.

These catalysts are used on a worldwide basis and are supplied by INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst, ready for use. Most of these catalysts can be injected directly into the polymerization reactor and do not need a capital-intensive pre-polymerization step.

Polypropylene Catalysts

INEOS Polyolefin Catalyst offers a comprehensive range of PP catalysts adapted to different PP technology processes.

INcat™ polypropylene catalyst portfolio includes:

  • INcat™ P100 and P200 series: phthalate based catalysts which can be offered with different particles size. This series can be used in several gas phase processes as well as in slurry or bulk processes. These new catalysts have a broad product reach and allow minimizing the catalyst introduced cost.
  • INcat™ P400 and P600 series: non-phthalate highly active catalysts which can be offered with different particles size and external donor packages enabling optimal process response and product reach. This series can be used in several gas phase processes as well as in slurry or bulk processes. Some catalysts versions have a very good ethylene response and randomness making them ideal for the production of advanced ICP’s including high rubber content compositions.