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We invest in training and mentoring our graduates giving them real responsibility and real reward, from day one.

You can either join our well established Core Graduate Programmes in engineering, commercial or other functions, such as HR, Finance and IT, or you can join a business as a Direct Entry Graduate. Take a look at what you can expect when you join us.



We believe in continuous improvement and development. That means you’ll receive on-the-job and core skills training, coupled with support to achieve professional qualifications, as appropriate.



You will be assigned a mentor who will provide guidance and support to help you progress and achieve your career goals. They’ll encourage you to challenge and stretch yourself as you develop.


Personal Development

You’ll regularly discuss your progress, potential, aspirations, and goals. This is designed to get you thinking about your future, career path and potential opportunities.

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A real job with real rewards which will include a starting salary competitive for your location, a range of company benefits and an annual, business specific, performance bonus.

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Graduates on the Core Graduate Programmes are eligible for our corporate events.

In Years 1 and 3 of the graduate programmes, you will attend 3-4 day events with other INEOS graduates from around the world. Here you will get to meet senior INEOS executives who’ll discuss with you our strategy, growth projects and global efforts towards sustainability. You will spend a day covering corporate wellness, including having your own individual health MOT. With interactive sessions and hands-on learning, you’ll also develop your knowledge of financial management, leadership and business strategy. This is a great opportunity to get to know other graduates and build your network.

In Year 4 you will have the opportunity to test your mental and physical boundaries. You will be invited to take part in a truly unique nine-month programme, culminating in a six day challenge in the remote Namibian desert. You can read more here.

INEOS Graduates Year 1 Event

INEOS Graduates Year 3 Event


We recruit from all major disciplines including chemical, mechanical, electrical, instrumental and process control. When you join us, you’ll work alongside experienced engineers who’ll mentor and guide you. You will be trained on the job (and in the UK, the five-year programme will support you to achieve Chartership).

Engineers are at the very heart of our business. We have multiple opportunities and can offer progression to all. Whether you are an engineer who wants to specialise in a particular technical discipline, or who wants to take on management responsibility, we want to hear from you. Those of you who aspire to senior positions such as Asset or Plant Managers and Operations Directors (a board role) will need to move between INEOS businesses and countries, to develop the broad expertise and knowledge required to lead. 

Early on in your career you will be based at one of our major manufacturing sites across the UK, Europe, Asia or the Americas. You could be involved in live projects such as commissioning new plants, leading reactor trials or major plant turnarounds.

Naturally, the content of our technical and engineering roles depends on where you’re placed. Here are some examples of what you could be working on:

  • Participating in the commissioning of new plants
  • Developing new processes to improve efficiency, costs and safety
  • Designing an energy monitoring and optimisation tool
  • Leading a reactor trial to significantly increase production
  • Managing change across cracking furnaces
  • Delivery of process training to licensees
  • Major plant turnarounds
  • Overhauls on compressors and turbines


This unique five year programme is designed to give you a breadth of experience early on in your career. Based throughout some of our European sites, you will be assigned roles in different INEOS businesses, functions, and countries. Over the course of the programme you will rotate three times. Each role that you undertake will provide you with a new challenge, enable you to gain a wide range of experience, and develop networks essential for anyone aspiring to be a future leader. 

We believe that the best way to learn about our business is to get stuck in from day one. Right from the start you will have real responsibility, real accountability, and exposure to the business world with an opportunity to add value to the organisation from an early stage.

To give you a flavour of what to expect, here are some examples of roles you could be assigned as part of the Core Graduate European Commercial programme:

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Trading and Shipping

Traders need ideas and opportunities to maximise profit. As a market analyst you’ll provide them with up-to-the-minute understanding of global oil and petrochemical markets. You’ll gain this by visiting plant sites and analysing multiple data sources.



In Köln we operate a multi-business site and we have a central team responsible for procuring equipment for the various INEOS businesses. You could join this team and learn procurement “on the job”.



Our Vinyls are produced across seven different INOVYN sites in Europe. With 33% market share and a turnover of €1.3 billion, we’re the world leader. And you could be helping to create the business’ marketing plans. You’ll learn how to gather market intelligence, analyse data reports, attend sales meetings and present to senior managers.

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Production Planning

Polymers are used in key areas of sustainability, including water/gas transport, insulation, renewable energy technology, medical products, automotive parts, and packaging. You will link production schedules to meet customer demands and optimise production and stock holding. You could also be involved in new customer, product, and application development.


Look out for any opportunities to join our Core Graduate Programme, in a variety of functions. This could be anything from HR, to IT, or Finance.


INEOS businesses also recruit graduates into specific roles, this is known as ‘Direct Entry’ - look out for these as they are recruited throughout the year. When searching Our Opportunities, filter by ‘graduate’ to apply for these roles.

Graduates who join as Direct Entry are not limited in their progression. If you are good enough and mobile enough, and the business supports you, you can be nominated onto the Core Graduate programme.

We also offer various engineering internships, with some engineering graduate programmes being recruited directly from our summer internships. You can read more about the internships we have on offer here.


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