INEOS' markets and applications

INEOS has a diversified product portfolio with a wide range of end market applications. Our Chemical Intermediates businesses with leading global positions and differing industry cycles provide earnings strength worldwide.



Adhesives are critical to many modern products where speed of manufacture, recycling and long term performance are essential. INEOS businesses work with customers to help them develop new and enhanced adhesive products.

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INEOS products are used in agrochemicals, helping to protect crops and improve yields. They also provide key components in the production of animal feed supplements, contributing to the health and wellbeing of livestock.

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Innovation in the automotive sector provides ever safer and more efficient vehicles. From lightweight plastics to efficient synthetic engine oils INEOS businesses provide many raw materials necessary to meet the needs of the automotive sector.

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Bio Fuel


Escalating oil prices and the need to cut carbon emissions means biofuels are more important than ever. INEOS Enterprises is a leading producer of Biodiesel and INEOS Bio’s advanced bioenergy technology takes waste and converts it into biofuel and renewable power.

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INEOS chemicals are the building blocks for the modern world. Many of these products are helping to improve health, enhance standards of living, and contribute to sustainable development.

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Helping products to look good and last longer. INEOS resins are used in challenging coatings for the automotive, coil and can coating sector. Our business works closely with coatings customers to solve their problems quickly and creatively.

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Energy efficiency, safety, cost and aesthetics demand continuous development of new construction techniques and technologies. INEOS products form the basis for many construction materials contributing to performance, longevity and improved sustainability.

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Eye shadows, shaving gels, mascaras, lipsticks, lip glosses and skin and hair care products, rely on INEOS products to achieve key product features and long-term formulation stability.

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Film & Sheet


INEOS offers a range of innovative solutions for the film and sheet market, based on our wide range of products and extensive expertise we are helping our customers to develop new market leading products.

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INEOS products are speciality intermediates used in a diverse number of food applications from flavours and fragrances, to agrochemicals and animal feed. We also manufacture salt to stringent hygiene standards for use in foods.

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Home & Electronics


The world of electronics is ever changing as the complexity and functionality of everyday electronic items continues to meet and shape our ever changing expectations. INEOS businesses supply a broad range of products to meet the needs of the electronics sector.

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A genuine fascination and drive to help solve our customers manufacturing challenges is at the heart of our business. Going beyond simple chemicals supply, INEOS works in partnership with manufacturers to help them to enhance existing products and develop new opportunities.

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Medical & Pharma


From the essential products used in the manufacture of life saving drugs and medicines, to drug delivery systems and pharmaceutical packaging. INEOS products continue to meet the ever changing needs of the medical and pharmaceutical sector.

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Cost, shelf life, security, sustainability and aesthetics all shape consumers buying decisions – a choice that can be influenced as much by the package and its contents. INEOS provides innovative products to meet the needs of its packaging customers' worldwide.

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Paint & Ink


INEOS products form the key components in the manufacture of many paints and paint systems. Our oxygenated solvents are primarily used in paints, coatings and inks formulations.

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Essential resources such as water and gas rely on pipeline networks made from materials manufactured by INEOS. New products with outstanding physical properties are improving reliability, reducing wastage and enhancing installation techniques. Made possible by INEOS polymer innovation.

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Pulp & Paper


Today’s high quality papers require increasingly more technical manufacturing process. INEOS products provide some of the basic chemicals essential to sector and products that provide unique properties required by some specialty papers.

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Rubber & Tyre


New advances in rubber and tyre technology are helping car companies reach new levels of fuel efficiency and CO2 reduction. New compounds combine performance and safety. INEOS provides components essential for the manufacture of tyres across many applications.

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Rapid advances in the development of new fibres and processes to improve textile characteristics rely on a high degree of specialisation. INEOS products are helping textile manufacturers to meet their specialist needs of an ever changing market.

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Wire & Cable


As electronic components become increasingly complex so too do the demands on wire and cable producers. Wiring for a broad range of applications, as well as cables for high voltage networks, continue to rely on the raw materials produced by INEOS Businesses.

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