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Hawkslease Finance Company Limited - Proposed Offer for the outstanding Shares in EVC International N.V.


In order to ensure a fair market as referred to in article 9b paragraph 1 of the Decree on the Supervision of the Securities Trade 1995 (the “Decree”), Hawkslease Finance Company Limited ("Hawkslease") makes the following announcement.

On 12 December 2002 Hawkslease announced the intention to make a formal public offer for all outstanding shares of EVC International N.V. ("EVC") with a nominal value of EUR 8.00 listed on the Official Segment of the Stock Market of Euronext Amsterdam N.V.

On 10 January 2003 Hawkslease announced that it expected the Offer Document to become available before Thursday 23rd January 2003. Hawkslease needs additional time to finalise the Offer Document, which is in its final stages of completion.

In light thereof, Hawkslease has requested the Authority for the Financial Market in accordance with article 9g paragraph 4 of the Decree to extend the term referred to in article 9g paragraph 3 of the Decree for a period of two weeks. Accordingly, Hawkslease hereby announces that it intends to make the Offer Document available ultimately on 6 February 2003.

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