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INEOS Enterprises has acquired Calabrian Corporation in North America

  • The acquisition is a further step in developing INEOS Enterprises sulphur chemicals portfolio by expanding sulphur dioxide and sodium based derivatives in North America.
  • Calabrian is an innovative sulphur technology leader providing environmental and supply chain solutions for customers in the water, mining and oilfield markets.
  • Calabrian owns a proprietary technology, SO2CleanTM, which offers competitive advantages because of its low cost, environmental profile, low capital, and modular design.
  • Calabrian has two production facilities in North America with a total capacity of ~200,000 tonnes/year. The facilities are located in Port Neches, Texas and Timmins, Ontario. The Timmins plant is scheduled to begin production at the end of 2016.
  • Ashley Reed, CEO of INEOS Enterprises said, "The assets are ideally positioned to competitively serve the North American market. It will also complement our existing sulphur chemicals portfolio.”

INEOS Enterprises today announced it has acquired 100% of the shares of Calabrian Holdings Corporation, a technology and market leader of sulphur dioxide and sodium based derivatives in North America. The company has production located in Texas and is currently building a facility in Ontario.

The Calabrian plant in Texas is the largest producer in North America of SO2 [and sodium based derivatives]. The operation in Ontario Canada will add an additional 35,000 tonnes of capacity once completed at the end of 2016.

The acquisition will add a North American dimension to INEOS’ existing sulphur chemicals portfolio.

Ashley Reed, CEO of INEOS Enterprises said, “We are very pleased to have acquired this modern production facility in Texas and look forward to the completion of the Canadian facility late this year. The assets are ideally positioned to serve the North American market, with excellent cost position and logistical infrastructure. Additional synergy will be explored with our existing business in Europe.”

Randy Owens, CEO of Calabrian Corporation said, “The Company has undergone significant transformation during SK Capital’s ownership. INEOS’ global infrastructure will allow the next phase of growth by accelerating geographical expansion and further advancing its technology strategy.”

Completion of the transaction took place at the end of July.

The purchase price was not disclosed.


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Note to editors

*SO2CleanTM is an innovative technology developed by Calabrian Corporation to manufacture sulphur dioxide (SO2) and various sulphur derivatives. The technology’s modular design is ideal for in-situ manufacturing of SO2.

Key Benefits:

  • SO2CleanTM has a +98% annual on-stream time.
  • The installed cost of a SO2CleanTM unit is less than half of an equivalent burner…less equipment and steel.
  • Electricity costs are less than 1/3 of those of a sulphur burner.

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