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INEOS Fluor Acquires Glebe Mines Limited


Market-leading specialties chemicals manufacturer, INEOS Fluor, has acquired the UK’s only remaining indigenous fluorspar mining company, Glebe Mines Limited.

The acquisition, which includes all holdings, was finalised on 19th November. It takes immediate effect, with today (20th November) being the first working day under INEOS Fluor’s ownership.

Glebe Mines, has been supplying INEOS Fluor with fluorspar, the raw material vital to the manufacturer’s fluorochemical production at its Runcorn site, for over 50 years. It employs 60 people at its site in Stoney Middleton in the Peak District.

INEOS Fluor’s CEO, David Price, commented: “This is a strategic acquisition for us and helps to maintain our position as a global market leader with a competitive customer offering and secure over 300 jobs in Runcorn and the Peak District. 

The Peak District is the UK’s only viable source of acid-grade fluorspar, which is an essential raw material for our fluorochemical production process in Runcorn. The production of asthma inhalers, unleaded petrol, computers, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, mobile phones and toothpaste is dependent on hydrofluoric acid (HF), which is produced from fluorspar.

“INEOS Fluor is fully committed to environmental best practice and the very high standards of mineral extraction set by Glebe Mines. Our priorities are to secure a consistent high-quality supply of this vital raw material and ensure that the most stringent Safety Health and Environment (SHE) procedures are in place to protect our employees, the environment and the local community.”

Glebe Mines Limited will be a stand-alone company and the name will remain the same. INEOS Fluor is the UK’s only fluorochemicals producer and has its headquarters in Runcorn where it directly employs 250 people. It has manufacturing sites in Runcorn, St Gabriel in the US and Mihara, Japan. It has an annual turnover of €300m.

Notes to editors:

INEOS Fluor, is a world leading specialities business built on expertise and innovation in fluorine chemistry. The company is focused on the supply of fluorine-based products, technology and services across a number of major industries from pharmaceuticals to automotive, speciality polymers to refrigeration and air-conditioning. It has manufacturing facilities at Runcorn in the UK, Mihara Japan and St Gabriel in the United States. The company employs around 400 people world-wide. Its knowledge and understanding of reducing emissions from fluorochemical manufacturing facilities, monitoring and reporting put it in a strong position to partner companies seeking to improve their own environmental performance.

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