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INEOS Fluor International boost production capacity for toll manufacture of Flavours & Fragrance Extracts


Proprietary Xentia™ Process uprated for Commercial Toll Manufacture 

INEOS Fluor International Ltd is increasing the production capacity of its proprietary Xentia™ extraction process, which will introduce new opportunities for the toll manufacture of high quality, natural extracts.

INEOS Fluor's proprietary, commercial extraction process operates at room temperature and produces extracts with excellent odour and taste profiles, while retaining volatile and thermally labile components. Natural extracts produced using the Xentia™ technology are cost competitive in use yet feature good top notes and low lipid and wax content. They also boast low colouration and good storage stability. 

"We are extremely excited about the new opportunity that our technology offers customers seeking to develop and manufacture natural extracts, either for their in-house formulations or for external sales," commented Dave Morrison, New Ventures Development Manager, INEOS Fluor International. "As a toll manufacturer, INEOS Fluor International has the facilities to support the development of customized products from laboratory to commercial scale. 

"Commercial development of the Xentia™ process has been ongoing over the past two years as we have worked in conjunction with world-wide flavour and fragrance houses to provide products and services that are unique in this market. Having invested in the technology through this comprehensive development phase it now offers a firm platform for commercial toll manufacture of a broad range of unique extracts" added Dave.

INEOS Fluor is a quality supplier to many multi-national corporations, with leading cGMP, QA, QC, regulatory and environmental expertise. The Xentia™ process has GRAS affirmation, European Food Approval, and a wide range of approvals in Japan.

It is expected that the expansion of capacity will be completed early in May to meet increasing global market demand for these new products.

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Editors notes:

INEOS Fluor International, is a world leading specialities business built on expertise and innovation in fluorine chemistry ; a company that is focussed on the supply of fluorine based products , technology and service across a number of major industries from, pharmaceuticals to flavours & fragrances. 

INEOS Fluor has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Asia and Europe INEOS Fluor employ around 400 people and has a turnover of approximately $300m.

INEOS is a leading global manufacturer of speciality and intermediate chemicals. It comprises seven businesses each with a major chemical company heritage. Its production network spans 60 manufacturing facilities in 16 countries throughout the world. A relatively young company, INEOS has grown through a series of related acquisitions to become a medium sized international organization with sales of around $5 billion.

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