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INEOS Fluor wins patent dispute with Sinochem


International Trade Commission Chief Judge rules that Sinochem infringes INEOS Fluor patent; recommends ban of all Sinochem R-134a imports to US.

INEOS Fluor Americas LLC announced today that Chief Administrative Law Judge Paul Luckern of the U.S. International Trade Commission has issued an initial determination finding that Sinochem’s R-134a infringes INEOS Fluor’s patent. 

Three months ago, Sinochem signed a consent order under which it agreed to cease U.S. imports and the sale of certain of its R-134a products within the U.S., but it continued to claim that its remaining R-134a imports did not infringe INEOS Fluor’s patent. The decision of the Chief Administrative Law Judge has now confirmed INEOS Fluor’s belief that the remainder of Sinochem’s R-134a imports infringed the relevant patent. 

The Chief Administrative Law Judge’s initial determination includes a recommendation that the ITC enter an exclusion order barring Sinochem’s imports and sales of all of its R-134a in the United States. 

INEOS is committed to vigorously protecting its intellectual property,” said Peter Geosits, INEOS Fluor Americas’ Commercial Director. “We are delighted with the Chief Judge’s decision. It is a testament to the diligent work by the developers of the world's leading process for producing R-134a and to the dedication of our St. Gabriel, Louisiana employees to the safe and efficient manufacture of this product today. 

An exclusion order issued by the ITC will make it unlawful for Sinochem to import or sell R-134a, made by either of its manufacturing processes, in the United States for the life of INEOS Fluor’s patent.” 

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