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INEOS Silicas hikes capacity for Silica gels and Polyolefin Catalysts


INEOS Silicas is pleased to announce two major investments that will expand capacity to supply the growing markets for silica gels and polyolefin catalysts.

In the second-phase of a project announced one year ago, investment in additional capacity for silica gel manufacturing and micronisation capacity has been sanctioned. As in the first phase, expenditure will be made in both the Joliet, USA and Warrington, UK plants. These expansions will increase the capacity for key products in the coatings, plastics and beverages markets by 20%. Plant commissioning will be carried out during Q4 2004 with the full benefit of increased capacity available in 2005. 

In a separate, but simultaneous move, the first-phase of a major investment in polyolefin catalyst manufacturing capacity has also been given the go-ahead. Expenditure will focus on the Warrington, UK plant and will increase capacity for silica-based, chromium-coated catalysts by 30%. Plant commissioning will be carried out during Q3 2004. 

"These investments underline the ongoing commitment INEOS has to both its silica gel and catalysts businesses" says Andy Currie, Director of INEOS Capital and Chairman of INEOS Silicas. "These investments form part of a longer-term initiative and plans for further expansion are already being progressed" 

"These expansions are required to meet the growing global demand for our products in the key applications of beverage processing, polymerisation catalysis, surface coating matting agents and plastic film anti-block" says CEO Brian Foster.

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