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ITC Judge reaffirms strength of INEOS Fluor's R-134a Patent infringed by Sinochem


In a decision on Monday April 1, 2009, Chief Judge Paul Luckern of the U.S. International Trade Commission confirmed the validity of the INEOS Fluor patent that the Commission last December had found to be infringed by Sinochem’s R-134a product. 

We are very pleased that Judge Luckern has reaffirmed the strength of our patent,” said Peter Geosits, Commercial Director of INEOS Fluor Americas, “Now more than ever it is important to protect legitimate refrigerants from unfairly traded and infringing imports. The judge’s decision paves the way for entry of a permanent exclusion order of all Sinochem R-134a, which is expected to take effect on June 1. INEOS Fluor now intends to vigorously pursue Sinochem and its customers for damages for patent infringement on all Sinochem R-134a imported and sold in the years leading up to the permanent exclusion order.” 

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