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Hydrogen fuel network trial gets underway with INEOS at Grangemouth

  • INEOS are taking part in a project with SGN to bring hydrogen distribution networks a step closer to reality in the UK.
  • Hydrogen supplied from the Grangemouth site in Scotland to the SGN project will help determine how existing natural gas networks can be repurposed for hydrogen.
  • Andrew Gardner, Chairman INEOS Grangemouth said, “We believe that Grangemouth is the ideal location in Scotland to create a hub for hydrogen production, use and export. This trial, in partnership with SGN, will play an important role in helping to make hydrogen distribution networks a reality.”

Building a UK-wide delivery network for hydrogen takes a step closer to reality with the SGN trial at Grangemouth in partnership with INEOS.  

The trial which is funded by the Energy Regulator and gas distribution companies, will use hydrogen supplied by INEOS in a 29km section of decommissioned pipeline between the Grangemouth site and Granton.

SGN Director of Energy Futures Gus Mcintosh said: “Our Local Transmission System is part of the national critical infrastructure that reaches millions of homes and businesses across the UK. So, repurposing it for hydrogen could support a hydrogen system transformation that is least cost and least disruptive to customers.”

Andrew Gardner, Chairman INEOS Grangemouth, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with SGN in a trial that will help determine how the UK’s transmission networks can be repurposed for hydrogen gas. We believe that Grangemouth is the ideal location in Scotland to create a hub for hydrogen production, use and export.”

In January, INEOS announced the next step in its plans to build a world-scale low-carbon hydrogen plant at Grangemouth as it commits to being Net Zero by 2045. This trial, will help improve an understanding of existing networks and the suitability to deliver hydrogen as a clean alternative to natural gas, to homes and businesses.


About INEOS at Grangemouth
Grangemouth represents one of INEOS’ largest manufacturing sites by volume of products. It is home to three businesses: INEOS FPS, INEOS O&PUK and Petroineos.

FPS transports crude oil and gas liquids from offshore and onshore entry points, processes the liquids at Kinneil and redelivers to the customer Forties Blend crude oil at Hound Point and either raw gas or fractionated gas products at Grangemouth.

INEOS O&P UK makes around 1.4 million tonnes per annum of product, including synthetic ethanol, ethylene, propylene and polymers: polyethylene and polypropylene.These are used as the building blocks in many sectors such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, automotive, renewables and construction; converted into everyday items that enhance our daily lives and improve standards of living.

Petroineos is home to Scotland’s only crude oil refinery and produces the bulk of fuels used in Scotland.

INEOS and Hydrogen:

About SGN:
SGN manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across the south of England and Scotland. The SGN pipeline network  delivers gas safely, reliably and efficiently to their customers.

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David East, Communications Manager
(INEOS O&P UK, FPS and Petroineos); Tel: +44 1324 476948; +44 7768 301709

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