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INEOS Enterprises and EDF Trading Start Operation of New Gas Storage Facility

INEOS Enterprises has this week started operation of its Holford H165 gas storage facility in Cheshire. The facility, owned and operated by INEOS, has previously been used by National Grid for daily balancing in the local distribution zone. INEOS Enterprises and EDF Trading have now established the facility for trading at the NBP.

Holford H165 consists of a single gas cavity with very high rates of deliverability and injectability. The facility can handle approximately 1 million therms of gas per day, which will be used to support the UK gas market during periods of large supply and demand variation. The facility has been exempt by Ofgem from third party access.

INEOS Enterprises is currently developing its own gas storage facility at Stublach, Cheshire, following granting of planning permission in December 2006. The Company is also working with E.ON to develop its gas storage facility at Byley, also in Cheshire.

EDF Trading owns the Hole House gas storage facility close to H165 and has gained significant experience in developing, operating and trading fast cycle salt cavity storage. Hole House is currently being expanded and will increase its capacity by 50% in mid 2007. 

“We are very pleased to work with INEOS to set up the facility for trading. Our involvement in Holford H165 and Hole House supports our commitment to providing liquidity to the UK gas market,” says Philipp Bussenschutt who is responsible for EDF Trading’s gas storage business.

For further information please contact:

Craig Welsh, INEOS Enterprises Press Office
Phone: 01928 511528


Kerry Kennedy, EDF Trading Limited
Phone: 0207 0614232

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