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Sir Dave Brailsford is appointed Director of Sport at INEOS

Sir Dave Brailsford said: “For me there is no more exciting place to be in global sport right now than at INEOS given the extraordinary range of talents across the different teams. I am very pleased to have this new opportunity to work together with the other team leaders to look at how we can take advantage of these collective talents and develop a wider performance framework in partnership. It goes without saying I am really looking forward to learning more from each of them and their teams and looking at how to put their ideas into wider practice across the INEOS sport family. 

“This culture and approach are at the heart of what makes INEOS such a successful business - a federal structure with clear responsibilities but a desire to cross pollinate new thinking and ideas across the Group. The aim now is to replicate this model across the sports at INEOS. Alongside this new role I will continue to lead INEOS Grenadiers with Rod Ellingworth as my deputy. We are already deep into the planning for 2022 and are committed to going all in for next season.”

As the sports organisation has grown, most recently with the addition of the Performance Partnership with the New Zealand All Blacks, we are now looking to develop a performance agenda across all sports. Brailsford will work with each of the teams to develop this agenda and the supporting framework that fosters cross team collaboration and shared learning. He will continue to lead the INEOS Grenadiers cycling team as Team Principal. 

The responsibility for execution and delivery in sports remains with each sports team CEO/Team Principal in cycling, sailing, football, rugby and Formula 1.

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