Case Studies

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SP Chemicals Case Study

Q&A With Mr Lu From SP Chemicals

We sat down with Mr Lu from SP Chemicals to understand why they chose INEOS BICHLOR electrolysers and what his customer experience was like.

We spoke to Mr Lu Qin of Xinpu Chemical Co Ltd. about their recent acquisition one of our Bichlor™ Electrolysers.

When looking to improve their business, they were focussed on energy consumption and safety - INEOS technology met all of the requirements. The company produces almost 750,000 tonnes of caustic soda; with 150,000 tonnes coming from their new INEOS Electrolyser. After running for only 120 days, they were guaranteed more than 540 tonnes per day.

Mr Lu Qin highlighted the benefits of automation within INEOS technology. With many members of staff being fresh out of university and lacking experience, the high degree of automation including being able to control gas-switching, air-purging, and flow adjustment with ease, meant that staff were able to quickly become proficient within the cellroom even after basic training.

INEOS were behind them every step of the way; adapting a remote support model to counter the effects of the pandemic, but ensure Xinpu Chemical Co Ltd. benefitted from the high level of expertise, optimising their operation, and ensuring they had a stable plant running.

We look forward to supporting Xinpu Chemical Co Ltd. as they continue to further improve efficiency and safety, and extend the lifetime of their cellroom with INEOS Electrolysers.