Testing Services

Carbon Emissions Monitoring

The INEOS Laboratory can provide the following ISO17025 accredited testing for carbon emissions monitoring:

Analysis for Carbon Emissions Monitoring

Tests marked * are ISO17025 accredited

Test NameMethod
Density - oscillating U-tube method *

IP 365

Water content of Petroleum Product - Dean & Stark distillation method *

IP 74

Determination of ash *

IP 4

Sulphur content - Energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometry *

IP 336

Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content of petroleum products and lubricants *

ASTM D5291

Analysis of natural gas streams *

ASTM D1945-03

Commercial propane and butane - Analysis by gas chromatography (GC) *

BS EN 27941 (modified)

Composition of fuel gas streams by Hi-speed refinery gas analyser (RGA) *

Fuel Gas by RGA