INEOS proud of 'Sportbedrijf' label

  • INEOS on Friday received the 'Sportbedrijf 2023-2024' (Sports Company) label from Sport Vlaanderen, a recognition for companies that encourage their employees to do sports and exercise.

Sport Vlaanderen consultant Koen Meeusen came to hand over the label and the trophy that goes with it on Friday: We from Sport Vlaanderen are happy to award the 'Sportbedrijf' label to INEOS for all the efforts the company makes to encourage their employees to have a sportier and healthier lifestyle in and outside the workplace.

The 'Sportbedrijf' label is valid for two years and was achieved by INEOS for all sites in Belgium. The handover took place in the gym at INEOS O&P in Geel. . Safety, Health & Environment manager Philippe Vandervoort and Procurement Manager Alex Van Hoecke accepted the label, together with Nadine Ceustermans and Hilde Cornelissen, sports ambassadors of the site.

HR director Chris Vroman: This label is a nice recognition of our personnel policy. INEOS is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The INEOS group has been supporting its employees for years with all kinds of initiatives to adopt a healthy lifestyle, with a lot of emphasis on sport and exercise in general. Worldwide, there are initiatives such as The Daily Mile and Go Run For Fun through which we aim at exercise for school children, but also, for example, INEOS Energy Station that organises all kinds of sporting challenges for employees and offers online sports lessons. The INEOS Grenadiers cycling team and other top athletes in the INEOS Group are a welcome inspiration for this.

It's all about a healthy spirit in a healthy company, adds HR manager Wim Neven of the Geel site. The other Belgian INEOS sites also pay a lot of attention to health and sportsmanship. Each site has its sports ambassador(s), for example, and at many sites there are

  • fitness centres,
  • awareness campaigns such as 'break the sitting circle',
  • healthy dishes in the company restaurant or distribution of soup/fruit,
  • well-equipped bicycle parking facilities and charging points for electric bicycles,
  • height-adjustable desks and sit-to-stand tables for working or meeting,
  • ....

INEOS employees can also participate in external events such as the Antwerp 10 Miles or the Antwerp Marathon. There are furthermore financial contributions that employees can donate to charity after a sporting challenge such as the INEOS Tour de France Challenge, in which employees in team ride as many kilometres as the cyclists in the Tour de France.


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