Project ONE will deliver the ethane cracker with the lowest carbon footprint in Europe

  • Belgium
  • Project ONE raises the bar for the industry by lowering CO2 emissions.
  • Jonas Byns, lead process engineer in the cracker team of Project ONE, explains how this works.

Project ONE will be the lowest carbon footprint ethane cracker in Europe. Moreover, by using state-of-the-art technologies, our plant will also set the standard for all steam crackers. Jonas Byns, the lead process engineer of Project ONE, explains how this works in this video.  

Project ONE will become Europe's most energy-efficient production site, with a substantially lower carbon footprint, and will generate one and a half million tonnes of ethylene - the chemical industry's most important building block - with less than half the CO2 emissions compared to the current 10% of best European crackers.   
If we compare the Project ONE ethane cracker with all other European crackers within the European Emission Trading System (ETS), we literally see the standard shifting. In the steam cracker category, Project ONE emits 0.29 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of product, which puts it at 43% of the benchmark (0.68 tonnes). The benchmark is determined by the 10% best performing production sites.   
Once our ethane cracker is operational, it will affect the benchmark, which will either encourage other players to make additional sustainable investments or they will have to pay more for emission allowances. 
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Waiting is no longer an option

If we want to tackle climate change, we need to focus on solutions that dramatically reduce carbon emissions right now. With the best techniques available today. Project ONE brings this renewal. In Antwerp, so that we can make our chemical cluster here more sustainable and stronger. Find out how and why we do this.

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