Safety record at INEOS Oxide

Safety First at INEOS! The employees and contractors of INEOS Oxide in Zwijndrecht reached the milestone of 3 million working hours without a serious accident, so-called OSHA-free working hours. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health. Because they can be rightly proud of this, all employees will soon receive a gift.

Safety is an absolute priority at INEOS. This was once again demonstrated by the safety figures published in our new sustainability report. And last year, the employees of INEOS O&P in Geel and INEOS Phenol in Doel were also honoured for setting a safety record at their sites.

Our goal is to make every working day accident-free. Over the past decade, the INEOS approach has resulted in a five-fold reduction in injuries to employees and contractors.By 2020, INEOS was "best in class" in our industry with an OSHA recordable injury rate for INEOS 0.17 injuries per 200,000 hours worked for employees and contractors. By 2020, INEOS was 'best in class' in our industry with an "OSHA recordable injury rate" of 0.17 injuries per 200,000 hours worked for employees and contractors.  According to OSHA data in the US, this is five times lower than the industry average and more than 10 times lower than the average in the utilities, construction and other manufacturing sectors. Nevertheless, we are constantly striving to improve.

INEOSSafetyPerformance (002).jpg

When it comes to safety, health and the environment, we treat employees and contractors the same. That is why we report on their combined performance when working on our sites.

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