Seamless cooperation between INEOS, Van Moer Logistics & bECO2

  • On the INEOS Oxide site, you will find not only INEOS installations and employees, but also many partner companies.
  • As host, we offer products, services and utilities that other companies can use in their production process.
  • The cooperation with BECO2 and Van Moer Logistics is a striking example of this.

INEOS Oxide, bECO2 and Van Moer Logistics established a seamless cooperation at the INEOS site in Zwijndrecht, to the benefit of all.

INEOS Oxide has a long tradition of co-siting. As a producer of ethylene oxide and its derivatives, it is an attractive host in the port. For example, bECO2 captures the CO2 that is released in the production process of INEOS, after which the company offers it as a circular raw material to producers of, among other things, dry ice and beer. In this way, over the past 10 years, more than a million tonnes of CO2 have already been put to good use and have thus not been released into the atmosphere.

Van Moer Logistics has also been a partner company on the site for many years. When Van Moer Logistics established its headquarters in the Antwerp chemical cluster, INEOS convinced them to focus more on petrochemicals. The company can offer a wide range of services, e.g. the reheating of containers in the run-up to a delivery so that the product can be delivered to the customer at the right temperature. The on-site operations also contribute greatly to relieving the traffic situation in the region.

Thanks to this synergetic collaboration, INEOS Oxide can strongly reduce its CO2 emissions, bECO2 has a continuous inflow of circular raw materials and Van Moer Logistics can build a lot of expertise from a collaboration that it can also use elsewhere in the market. But even more importantly, their partnership is an important step in the transition to a climate-neutral industry. It also shows that making connections with other companies in the port of Antwerp can lead to innovative opportunities in energy transition.

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