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The Bilbao Sulphuric Acid Plant is located in the Port of Bilbao in Northern Spain, only 20km from the city.

The facility was commissioned in 2013 and makes use of the most recent technical advances in sulphuric acid production, heat recovery and electricity generation. The plant produces high purity sulphuric acid and oleum (acid equivalent capacity of 340 thousand tonnes p.a.) as well as molten sulphur through its re-melting facility. The products, sold regionally and exported, are used in a wide variety of applications like ore leaching, oil refining, chemical manufacturing and fertilisers.

Operating At This Site
INEOS Sulphur Chemicals

Spain’s largest dedicated manufacturer of sulphuric acid

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  • Dique de Ziérbana Muelle AZ 1
  • Ziérbana, BI
  • 48508
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