Grangemouth to process imported shale gas after £150m investment

INEOS at Grangemouth is set to become the first chemical plant in the country to receive shale gas from the United States.

Ineos said it had decided to build a new ethane tank at Grangemouth in Scotland, with imports beginning as early as 2016 after a £150m investment to an import terminal project.

The move will supplement declining North Sea supplies, said Ineos, which threatened to close the petrochemical site in October after a dispute with the Unite union.

The company decided to keep the site open after workers accepted changes to pay, pensions and terms and conditions.

Calum MacLean, chairman of Ineos Petrochemicals UK, said: "This investment is absolutely critical for Grangemouth. Without a second advantaged feedstock supply chain, the petrochemicals business is not sustainable beyond 2017.

"We are delighted to report that Ineos are making good progress on the project that will give Grangemouth a long-term sustainable future.

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