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The Springfield, Massachusetts facility sits on approximately 5.5 acres and is located on an industrial park operated by Eastman Chemical Company. Monsanto began producing Melamine resins at this site in 1946 under the Resimene trade name. At the Springfield Plant, INEOS Melamines manufactures numerous melamine resins.

The two primary families of resins produced at the site include methylated resins and co-etherified resins. These resins are used by our customers to produce automotive paints, coil coatings, paper coatings and adhesion binders for the tire industry. Manufacturing capacity has been steadily increasing throughout the site’s 70 year production history. Recent projects have increased the plant capacity by over 30% during the last few years. New products have also been added to the site portfolio during this period. This has enabled the business to participate in new markets as well as new products being introduced by our customers. Excellent safety and environmental performance along with continuous improvements in product quality all combine to make the Springfield Plant a world class manufacturing site.

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INEOS Melamines

The world's second largest producer of melamines crosslinkers for the coatings industry

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