INEOS Manufacturing Italia cares for relationships with the territory where it operates in.

INEOS wants to build and maintain durable relationships with the local community, through initiatives that give actual support to the population. INEOS wants to be acknowledged and recognised as a healthy company, able to create employment possibilities that are important to the region’s economy. INEOS takes care of the health of its employees, the wellbeing of their families, the protection of the environment and the growth of the community, feeling as an active part of it.  

INEOS strongly believes in the partnerships with local schools, encouraging students to visit the Rosignano plant and giving lessons in  schools. This helps understanding how an industrial system may have an impact on our daily life.

It also looks to the universities, particularly the Pisa University, as natural partners to promote work experiences in the company This is an occasion for outstanding students, to allow them to enrich their own curriculum just before their graduation, and which also the company to discover new talents.

“GO RUN FOR FUN” is another INEOS’s flagship, a  non- competitive run for children from 5 to 10 years of age. “GO RUN FOR FUN” events, from the homonym foundation created by Jim Ratcliffe, has been held all over Europe and US since 2013, with the objective of educating the new generations in the culture of sports and providing the incentives for a dynamic and healthy lifestyle.  

The first Italian edition of “GO RUN FOR FUN” was held in Rosignano on 9 June 2016, and the “godmother”celebrity was the Olympic Judo Champion, Giulia Quintavalle. The territory responded very positively: the participation of 750 little athletes and the great enthusiasm were positive signs for the years to come. What’s more, running is easy, cheap, fun and educational… especially for children.